Puzzled by financial reports? Feeling like everyone else knows what these numbers mean, except for you? This course will introduce you to the three most commonly used financial statements in nonprofits: the budget, income statement, and balance sheet. You will also become familiar with a few core principles that will help you as a leader. For managers, advocates, and board members who want to increase confidence and basic knowledge of financial management at domestic violence organizations.

This course is designed for anyone working (paid or volunteer) in a domestic violence shelter program. Feeling frustrated with all the shelter rules but can’t see another way? Puzzled about just what are the baseline regulations for DV shelters in our state? Curious about where the idea of DV shelters or “the battered women’s movement” came from? Want 8 training hours? Then this free course is for you! (You are welcome to take this course individually or as a group.)

This course will provide those new to the field some basic grounding in key topics, including state regulation of shelters, history of the anti-violence movement, and shelter management challenges. For seasoned advocates or shelter managers, this course will provide a refresher and perhaps some new ideas.

You will earn 8 hours for completing this course.